Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I Have the Best 4 Month Old Filly EVER!!

Tonight after work I had an AMAZING session with Tru. She eagerly walked up to me and inserted her nose into the halter almost before I had it ready. I then played the Friendly Game with the carrot stick and savvy string. I know she is comfortable with my tossing it over her back so today I tried slapping the ground with the string then tossing it over her back, and she was great with it! I then swung it over my head like a helicopter, and at first she wanted to move her feet but she quickly settled down and let me swing it above our heads. I also played the Friendly Game with the stick and string from Zone’s 1, 2 and 3.

Next we moved onto the Porcupine Game, I had her yield her forequarters and hind quarters and had her back up all from Phase 1, she was so light and responsive it was great! I went slow with her and ended up getting her to do a full circle with both her front end and back end. Then onto the Driving Game, I worked on moving her hind quarters, fore quarters and backing up as well.

Then we played the Yo-Yo Game, she would back up easily, only had to go to Phase 2 a few times. She would try to go out on the circle once she was out on the line so I would just wiggle the rope and get her to stand for a few seconds before bringing her in again. Once I was happy with her keeping her feet still until asked to move I then sent her out on a circle both to the left and right. She went out on her circle calm and quiet, and easily came back in when I looked at her hind quarters.

Lastly we did a little bit of Sideways game, she tried to back up at first but I was passively persistent and she quickly caught on. Finally I played the Squeeze Game by getting her to put her front feet into one of the large tractor tires and then her back feet. I loved on her for a bit, scratching her itchy spots and giving her some treats

Very impressed with my little girl!

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Parelli Central said...

Your 7 games seem to be going well with Tru. Keep up the good work!
Stay in touch and let us know of your progress!


Parelli Central