Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I Have the Best 4 Month Old Filly EVER!!

Tonight after work I had an AMAZING session with Tru. She eagerly walked up to me and inserted her nose into the halter almost before I had it ready. I then played the Friendly Game with the carrot stick and savvy string. I know she is comfortable with my tossing it over her back so today I tried slapping the ground with the string then tossing it over her back, and she was great with it! I then swung it over my head like a helicopter, and at first she wanted to move her feet but she quickly settled down and let me swing it above our heads. I also played the Friendly Game with the stick and string from Zone’s 1, 2 and 3.

Next we moved onto the Porcupine Game, I had her yield her forequarters and hind quarters and had her back up all from Phase 1, she was so light and responsive it was great! I went slow with her and ended up getting her to do a full circle with both her front end and back end. Then onto the Driving Game, I worked on moving her hind quarters, fore quarters and backing up as well.

Then we played the Yo-Yo Game, she would back up easily, only had to go to Phase 2 a few times. She would try to go out on the circle once she was out on the line so I would just wiggle the rope and get her to stand for a few seconds before bringing her in again. Once I was happy with her keeping her feet still until asked to move I then sent her out on a circle both to the left and right. She went out on her circle calm and quiet, and easily came back in when I looked at her hind quarters.

Lastly we did a little bit of Sideways game, she tried to back up at first but I was passively persistent and she quickly caught on. Finally I played the Squeeze Game by getting her to put her front feet into one of the large tractor tires and then her back feet. I loved on her for a bit, scratching her itchy spots and giving her some treats

Very impressed with my little girl!

Online & LIberty with Tru

Tonight I played the Friendly Game with Tru, working on improving our relationship. She was great online so I then tried it at Liberty and she did just as great! What a good baby!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Trims and New Arrivals

Since I had Anna around I decided to get her to help me with Tru so I could trim her back feet. Since she wanted to try to walk off on me last time I had Anna stand at her head and keep her busy up there so I could trim her back feet. We had the same issue with Lexi, so we have done this many times before. Tru was great and stood easily, I trimmed each hoof easily. After the trim I played with her a bit, working on circling to the right, friendly game with the rope, and some Yo-Yo.

Our two newest boarders also arrived today, Cheetah and 5.5 Month old Dunskin QH filly and her half brother Tanner who was actually born the same day as Tru, just a few hours later. Both are settling in nicely! I'll post pictures soon!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Circles & Hooves

This afternoon I worked with Blue on his circles with the 22 foot line, walk, trot and canter, even did some changes of direction and just worked overall at getting a better response. He is coming along great! After we were done playing I worked on his hooves, I’m very happy with how they are coming along as well.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Another Awesome Day!

Today I decided to try something that I never did with Blue before, playing the friendly game with the carrot stick and savvy string while at liberty. He is GREAT online and don’t flinch while I play the extreme friendly game with him but at first he wasn’t sure about the stick and string at liberty. So I had to reassure him lots while rubbing him with my free hand while tossing the string over his back at first, but he quickly relaxed and I was able to play the friendly game with stick and string from all 5 zones.

I was also able to play the porcupine and driving game (backing up, yielding his FWs and HQs) at liberty and even some sideways! I decided to end it on that, didn’t want to do too much for the day.

Next up was Tru, I walked over to the far side of the field where her, Kallie and Lexi were grazing. I pretend to ignore her and she eagerly walks over and shoves her nose into the halter. A huge plus! Can’t wait for her mom to do that! Then I set up a goal of playing the friendly game with the carrot stick and savvy string, and that I can toss the string over her back 10 times on each side without her moving her feet, with fewer than 5 corrections if possible. So we tried it and got it first try with NO corrections!! We decided to end it there and she followed me around a bit afterwards until I got halfway across the field and she stood and watched me until her mom called.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Liberty Fun!

After feeding the horses this morning Blue INSISTED that we play, and since I didn’t think to bring a halter up with me we played at Liberty. I just did some simple yields of his FQs and HQs, backing up, coming forward, going sideways and then sticking with me at the walk and trot.

Then I played with Tru, we did the friendly game again with the carrot stick and savvy string, five times each side without her moving her feet without any corrections. Then we circled to the left and right at a walk and a trot! She was calm, cool and collected the whole time on the circle and not pulling to get back to momma.

Then later on in the evening after I filmed Anna and Tia’s freestyle audition Blue insisted on playing again so here is the result of our play session:

Friday, August 28, 2009

All Play and No Work :P

This morning I was just walking around the field fixing the makeshift round pen that Anna and I had made when Kallie walked right up to me and nuzzled me. I was in shock, stunned even! I luckily had a treat on me and rubber her all over and gave her a yummt treat as a reward.

Then later on I played with Blue Online and he was amazing, he did the first few games which he is always awesome at – but this time he was just so light and responsive, I would think yield to the right and he would, or back up and he would. Then we moved on to the circling game and he was awesome. He hardly needed any correction to stay out on the circle and maintain the gate. He trotted around me quite a few times nice and relaxed, licking and chewing the whole time.

I know when I first got him I sort of spoiled the circling game because I lunged him so much, because that was what I was told to do. To chase him around in endless, mindless circles over and over, and over again. Thankfully I found Parelli and he can now go around relaxed and calm!

Next I played with Tru again and we worked on the friendly game with the savvy string and carrot stick, there were a few corrections on her left side, but not many. And then we did the circling game to the left and the right, she got it easily to the left but was a bit stick at the right and I had to go to Phase 4 a few times, will have to work on that more!